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Category contains articles within the European Union Carbon Market Glossary.

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1 Innovation Fund
2 Best Available Techniques (BAT)
3 BAT Reference Document (BREF)
4 Ozone layer protection
5 Security interests over emission allowances
6 Paris Agreement
7 Emission
8 Emission limit value
9 Dust
10 Combustion plant
11 Biomass
12 Operator
13 Legal nature of emission allowances
14 Fiscal treatment of emission allowances
15 Aviation in the EU ETS
16 EU ETS New Entrant Reserve (NER)
17 International credits in the EU ETS
18 EU ETS Market Stability Reserve (MSR)
19 Exclusion of small installations and hospitals from the EU ETS
20 Phases (trading periods) of the EU ETS
21 Installation
22 National Implementation Measures (NIMs)
23 Emission factor for electricity production
24 European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS)
25 EU ETS linking
26 European Union Allowance (EUA)
27 Land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF)
28 Auctioning Factor
29 Carbon cost
30 EUAs' validity
31 Effort Sharing Legislation
32 Post-2020 EU low carbon framework
33 Gothenburg Protocol
34 EU ETS Product Benchmarks
35 Carbon Leakage Exposure Factor (CLEF)
36 EU ETS cross-sectoral correction factor (CSCF)
37 EU ETS linear reduction factor (LRF)
38 EU ETS Standard Capacity Utilisation Factor (SCUF)


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