CCS-ready’ means that an installation has demonstrated that suitable storage sites are available, that transport facilities are technically and economically feasible and that it is technically and economically feasible to retrofit for CO2 capture, as soon as sufficient market incentives in the form of a CO2 price threshold are reached. In particular, CCS-ready requires:


• Demonstration of the technical feasibility of retrofitting for CO2 capture. A site-specific technical study should be produced showing in sufficient engineering detail that the facility is technically capable of being fully retrofitted for CO2 capture at a capture rate or 85 % or higher, using one or more choices of technology which are proven at pre-commercial scale or whose performance can be reliably estimated as being suitable. The study should clearly demonstrate that there are no known insurmountable technical barriers to the connection of retrofitted capture equipment to the full capacity of the existing equipment effectively and without excessive outage periods and that there will be sufficient space available to construct and safely operate the necessary capture and compression facilities on the installation site;


• Control of sufficient additional space on/near the site on which capture equipment is to be installed;


• Identification of one or more technically and economically feasible pipeline or other transport route(s) to the safe geological storage of CO2;


• Identification of one or more potential storage sites which have been assessed as suitable for the safe geological storage of projected full lifetime volumes and rates of captured CO2;


• Demonstration of the economic feasibility of retrofitting an integrated CCS system to the full capacity of the facility, based on an economic assessment. The assessment should provide evidence of reasonable scenarios, taking into account CO2 prices forecasts, the costs of the technologies and storage options identified in the technical studies, their margins of error and the projected operating revenues. The assessment will indicate the circumstances under which CCS would be economically feasible during the lifetime of the proposed installation;


• CCS ready requires maintenance of the above conditions proven by submission of reports on the technical aspects of the CCS-ready status to the competent authority every two years following the date of commercial operation of the installation and until the retrofitted CCS system becomes operational. The reports should in particular detail any changes to the assumptions used in the technical studies and the economic assessment and their potential impacts on the conclusions therein;


• Demonstration that all relevant permits to implement CCS can be obtained and identification of procedures and timelines for this process;


• Preparation of a potential CCS implementation plan, including a potential timetable to entry into operation and a public engagement programme including consideration of health, safety and environmental issues;’


implementation of the full CCS chain’ means construct and effective start of capture, transport and storage of CO2.