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Enigmatic cross-sectoral correction factor – worries about final allocation - Page 3
Monday, 30 May 2011 06:00

It is obvious that installations need to precisely plan their production schedules, volumes, costs and incomes. The volume of emission allowances allocated for free is essential for these assessments. The estimates couldn’t be regarded as conclusive so long as the scale of correction flowing from the application of the cross-sectoral correction factor is unknown.


It seems that the discussions so far were centred rather on calculations relating to the preliminary amount of allocation,  based on the application of benchmarks. Its time now to move into the next - final stage of estimates, and figure out a precise final allocation for a given, concrete installation. If currently it is impossible to point the exact value for cross-sectoral correction factor for every year in the period 2013-2020 (remember that the index may change in different years) the indication to the range of values (minimum and maximum) would be of great usefulness.
Providing certainty for CO2 emitters as regards future measures and politics was yet among the principles that underpinned the very revised Directive 2003/87/EC. As far as the potential values for cross-sectoral correction factor couldn’t be assessed there is no certainty about concrete final allocation figures.




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