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European Union Electricity Market Glossary







Regulation book    








Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the internal market for electricity (recast),

30.11.2016, COM(2016) 861 final 2016/0379 (COD)


Article 6








Day-ahead and intraday markets


1. Transmission system operators and nominated electricity market operators shall jointly organise the management of the integrated day-ahead and intraday markets based on market coupling as set out in Regulation (EU) 2015/1222. Transmission system operators and nominated electricity market operators shall cooperate at Union level or, where more appropriate, on a regional basis in order to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of Union electricity day-ahead and intraday trading. The obligation to cooperate shall be without prejudice to the application of the provisions of Union competition law. In their functions relating to electricity trading, Transmission system operators and nominated market operators shall be subject to regulatory oversight by regulators and the Agency pursuant to Article 59 of [recast of Directive 2009/72/EC as proposed by COM(2016) 864/2] and Articles 3 to 16 of [recast of Regulation (EC) No 713/2009 as proposed by COM(2016) 863/2].


2. Day-ahead and intraday markets shall

(a) be organised in such a way as to be non-discriminatory;

(b) maximise the ability of market participants to contribute to avoid system imbalances;

(c) maximise the opportunities for market participants to participate in cross-border trade as close as possible to real time across all bidding zones;

(d) provide prices that reflect market fundamentals and that market participants can rely on when agreeing on longer-term hedging products;

(e) ensure operational security whilst allowing for maximum use of transmission capacity;

(f) be transparent while at the same time respecting confidentiality;

(g) ensure trades are anonymous; and

(h) make no distinction between trades made within a bidding zone and across bidding zones.


3. Market operators shall be free to develop products and trading opportunities that suit market participants' demand and needs and ensure that all market participants are able to access the market individually or through aggregation. They shall respect the need to accommodate increasing shares of variable generation as well as increased demand responsiveness and the advent of new technologies.








Regulation book





Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the internal market for electricity (recast), 30.11.2016, COM(2016) 861 final 2016/0379 (COD)



Article 7

Trade on day-ahead and intraday markets


1. Market operators shall allow market participants to trade energy as close to real time as possible and at least to the intraday cross-zonal gate closure time determined in accordance with Article 59 of Regulation (EU) 2015/1222.


2. Market operators shall provide market participants with the opportunity to trade in energy in time intervals at least as short as the imbalance settlement period in both day-ahead and intraday markets.


3. Market operators shall provide products for trading in day-ahead and intraday markets which are sufficiently small in size, with minimum bid sizes of 1 Megawatt or less, to allow for the effective participation of demand-side response, energy storage and small-scale renewables.


4. By 1 January 2025, the imbalance settlement period shall be 15 minutes in all control areas.



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