Common Grid Model (CGM)
European Union Electricity Market Glossary




Common Grid Model (CGM) in the European Union Internal Energy Market means European-wide or multiple-System Operator-wide data set, created by the European Merging Function, through the merging of relevant data.


Article 2(2) of the Regulation establishing a Guideline on Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management - CACM (Regulation on market coupling) defines the Common Grid Model as "a Union-wide data set agreed between various TSOs describing the main characteristic of the power system (generation, loads and grid topology) and rules for changing these characteristics during the capacity calculation process."


CGM is a prerequisite for any joint regional security evaluation and capacity calculation among several Transmission System Operators (TSOs).


The CGM is not only used for operational tasks but also for market and asset management/grid planning activities as follows:


- System operations: operational security calculation,


- Market: capacity calculation,


- Operational and system development planning: outage coordination (ENTSO-E draft Work Programme 2015 through December 2016).


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