Financial Transmission Rights (FTRs)
European Union Electricity Market Glossary




Financial Transmission Right (FTR) means a category of Long Term Transmission Rights and is either a Financial Transmission Right Obligation or a Financial Transmission Right Option.


The rules prepared by ENTSO-E for Forward Capacity Allocation in the European Internal Electricity Market envision that the allocation of Physical Transmission Rights (PTRs) and Financial Transmission Rights in parallel at the same bidding zone border is not allowed.


Participants in coupled markets continue to be able to buy FTRs.


Financial Transmission Rights allow the holder to be paid the difference in price between two coupled markets, but do not give any nomination right or allow the holder to influence the flow of energy between coupled markets (Commission Staff Working Document, Accompanying the document Report from the Commission, Interim Report of the Sector Inquiry on Capacity Mechanisms {C(2016) 2107 final}, 13.4.2016 SWD(2016) 119 final, p. 134, Commission Staff Working Document of 30.11.2016 Accompanying the document Report from the Commission Final Report of the Sector Inquiry on Capacity Mechanisms {COM(2016) 752 final} SWD(2016) 385 final, p. 181).


Eurelectric underlines the following features of FTRs (Eurelectric letter to the DG FISMA of 19 November 2015, Eurelectric concerns on the negative impact of Financial Transmission Rights being classified as financial instruments under MiFID II on the completion of the internal energy market):


- FTRs are only being offered in volumes corresponding to the actual physical transmission capacity,


- FTRs are the only way the physically available transmission capacity will be sold long term (as the physical transmission capacity will not be sold via an additional, different long term product,

- FTRs will always be given to the day-ahead market for use in the market coupling of the physical transmission capacity,

- the use of the FTR can be affected by constraints in the underlying available physical transmission capacity.


Accordingly, they will always be linked to the underlying physical transmission capacities and will not be a product that can be offered for speculative purposes by the Transmission System Operators (TSOs).






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