European Union Electricity Market Glossary


TSO-TSO Model means a model for the Exchange of Balancing Services exclusively by Transmission System Operators (TSOs). In the TSO-TSO model all interactions with a BSP in another responsibility area are carried on through the Connecting TSO

The TSO-TSO Model is the standard model for the Exchange of Balancing Services.


Currently there are two role models related to cross-border procurement of Balancing Capacity and Balancing Energy: a TSO-TSO model and a TSO-BSP model (where a BSP has a contractual relationship with another TSO than its Connecting TSO).


It was decided that the European integration model for a future EU-wide Balancing Market should be based on a TSO-TSO model, where TSOs covers all cross-border processes and obligations (if not delegated to a third party).



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