Restoration Service Provider
European Union Electricity Market Glossary


Restoration Service Provider pursuant to the Emergency and Restoration Network Code (NC ER) means a legal entity with a legal or contractual obligation to provide a service contributing to one or several measures of the Restoration Plan (see the ENTSO-E draft for the Network Code on Emergency and Restoration of 25 March 2015).


Pursuant to the NC ER in the design of the Restoration Plan each Transmission System Operator (TSO) specifies the measures to be implemented by Restoration Service Providers.


Unless the terms and conditions to act as Restoration Service Providers are defined in the national legal framework, each TSO defines the terms and conditions to apply as Restoration Service Providers on a contractual basis including at least:

a) characteristics of the service to be provided;

b) target geographical distribution of power sources with Black Start and Island Operation capabilities;

c) the possibility of and conditions for aggregation; and

d) additional requirements and conditions.



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