Restoration State
European Union Electricity Market Glossary


Restoration means the System State in which the objective of all activities in Transmission System is to re-establish the system operation and maintain Operational Security after a Blackout.


Besides the Restoration and Blackout, other System States are: 


Normal State,


Alert State,


Emergency State.


The criteria to be used by the Transmission System Operator (TSO) when classifying the System State of its Transmission System as Restoration are as follows: 


i. procedures are implemented to bring frequency, voltage and other operational parameters within the Operational Security Limits defined according to Network Code on System Operation; and


ii. Demand Facilities are connected at a pace decided by the TSOs in charge of Restoration, depending on the technical capability and feasibility of the Transmission System resources and Significant Grid Users which are Power Generating Facilities.



Article 18(5) of the Network Code on System Operation


A transmission system shall be in the restoration state when a TSO, being in the emergency or blackout state, has started to activate measures of its restoration plan.





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