Operational Security Limits
European Union Electricity Market Glossary


Operational Security Limits within the Network Code on System Operation are the acceptable operating boundaries for the electricity system: thermal limits, voltage limits, short-circuit current limits, frequency and dynamic stability limits.



Article 25 of the Network Code on System Operation

Operational security limits

1. Each TSO shall specify the operational security limits for each element of its transmission system, taking into account at least the following physical characteristics:
(a) voltage limits required in accordance with Article 27;
(b) short-circuit current limits according to Article 30; and

(c) current limits in terms of thermal rating including the transitory admissible overloads.


2. When defining the operational security limits, each TSO shall take into account the capabilities of SGUs to prevent that voltage ranges and frequency limits in normal and alert states lead to their disconnection.

3. In case of changes of one of its transmission system elements, each TSO shall validate and where necessary update the operational security limits.

4. For each interconnector each TSO shall agree with the neighbouring TSO on common operational security limits in accordance with paragraph 1.


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