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European Union Electricity Market Glossary




"The REMIT Portal is a central, web-based portal that allows the user community to retrieve relevant information. The Portal consists of a public section, including information that ACER publishes, such as the List of Organised Market Places, the List of Standard Contracts, and the European Register of Market Participants. In addition, the Portal is the starting point from which users can access the ARIS modules that are available to them. A document repository function is also provided by the REMIT Portal. The Portal was developed in 2014, and opened up to the public in early 2015. The Portal will be further improved and developed throughout 2015" (ACER's Annual Report on its activities under REMIT in 2014, p. 22).


REMIT Portal can be accessed here.


ACER's database on the REMIT documentation can be accessed here.



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