Also Swissgrid Ltd believes that the provision of aggregated consumption data per bidding area is sufficient to provide market actors with information on which to base their market expectations. It believes, moreover, that the provision of detailed information on the consumption units does neither improve traders’ ability to predict market developments nor will it contribute to levelling the playing field for market actors. On the contrary, evaluating and interpret­ing the detailed information might put smaller players who cannot dedicate a lot of resources to this task at a disadvantage.


The ex-ante information on planned generation, however, should be aggregated per fuel used ((i.e. coal, lignite, gas, nuclear, hydro etc.) since the type of generation can have an impact on prices.


The Swissgrid also does not perceive the benefit of ex-post publishing the details of individual generation units for the market (even though it deems the impact of ex-post publication of the generation data less critical than the ex-ante information).


The view that from a market participant’s perspective the aggregated amount of unavailable capacity in each bidding area is of interest, not the information of a single unit’s unavailability, is also shared by the Oesterreich Energie. The Oesterreich Energie underlines, however, that the definition of “unit” is in any case unclear and needs to be better specified.