Provide clarity to market participants in respect of the disclosure requirements, should be, according to the EdF, one of the important functions of the REMIT. EDF considers that legal certainty requires that the future regulation makes clear that the compliance with the transparency requirements shields utilities from any further information request from market participants under antitrust rules or REMIT.

In other words, the high level of transparency should go with a consistent protection of the data providers that should not be asked to provide transparency data outside the scope of information definitions of the guidelines. The French utility underlines that while the information mentioned in ERGEG’s advice covers all the information necessary for market participants to anticipate, to the best possible extent, the offer and demand on the electricity wholesale markets, it does not divulge the commercial and hedging strategies of market players, which remain strictly confidential.


The issues, thereon the contribution of the EdF is concentrated, seem really the pivotal problem for the vertically integrated undertaking active on energy markets. These firms comprising transmission, distribution, generation and trading activities face the requirement to build “Chinese walls” between their generation and trading business lines (as was the case already with respect to the transmission and distribution system operators). Data relating to the generation of electricity becomes more and more “sensitive” at least before they are publicised. In what extent such an information - before being publicised - can be utilised in the internal process for working out the commercial and hedging strategies of trading arms of the vertically integrated undertaking – is at the moment not quite clear. What is, in turn, clear, it is that the sphere of regulatory risks these undertakings are facing, extends significantly.



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