European Union Electricity Market Glossary


TSO-BSP Model means a model for the Exchange of Balancing Capacity or the Exchange of Balancing Energy where the Contracting TSO has an agreement with a BSP (Balancing Service Provider) in another Responsibility Area or Scheduling Area when appropriate.

Under the TSO-BSP Model a BSP has a contractual relationship with another TSO than its Connecting TSO.


Currently there are two role models related to cross-border procurement of Balancing Capacity and Balancing Energy: TSO-BSP Model and a TSO-TSO Model.


It was decided that the European integration model for a future EU-wide Balancing Market should be based on a TSO-TSO model, where TSOs covers all cross-border processes and obligations (if not delegated to a third party).


For FRR the European integration model for a future EU-wide Balancing Market (i.e. activation of Balancing Energy) should be based on a TSO-TSO model.


For RR the European integration model for a future EU-wide Balancing Market should be based on the TSO-TSO model or, when a TSO does not use the RR process as part of its Load-Frequency-Control Structure, should be based on the TSO-BSP Model.


To implement the TSO-BSP model the Network Code on Electricity Balancing  (NC EB) imposes a requirement that the Contracting TSO and the Connecting TSO to perform a joint Cost-Benefit Analysis.


If the use of the TSO-BSP Model is approved by relevant National Regulatory Authority (NRA), the TSOs must define a set of rules which require adoption of the current processes and obligations and in addition to that creation and development of new ones.


However, it is deemed necessary to allow current practises in the form of a TSO-BSP Model in cases where the Connecting TSO has not implemented a certain product process, for instance the Reserve Replacement Process, to allow cross-border exchange of this product. 


In these cases and upon approval by the NRAs, TSOs and BSPs are, allowed to use a TSO-BSP Model provided that the preconditions defined in the NC EB are respected (Supporting Document for the Network Code on Electricity Balancing of 6 August 2014 p. 55).



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